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Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation is so terrible, I decided to take a few screencaps. Honestly, I wonder why so few people is talking about this on the interwebs right now.

I was aiming to draw guidelines into the poorly drawn faces to point the correct place for eyes, nose and mouth for each one, but later I decided that there was too much to correct.

You don’t even need to know much about drawing to figure out what’s wrong, pictures talk by themselves.

I am pretty angry with Toei for making this show so cheap. Sailor Moon is an icon and a reference to the Magical Girl anime & manga genre, and thus should be fairly treated.

"After this performance, Asumi Rio, who played in many productions with us, will be transferred to Hanagumi. Like Oscar says in her speech, "she has been with me since my younger days, and I had come to think of her presence as something natural". So even now I am really thankful to Mirio. There is one thing, though: "Promise me never to leave my side" - these words can’t come true, and it makes me feel somehow lonely. But even when she is in Hanagumi, I want to silently keep supporting Mirio, together with all of you. 

Oh, my god… T_____________________T

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